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KS2 Takeover: Golden Mummies

KS2 Takeover: Golden Mummies

Booking instructions: Please book one ticket per class (35 pupils max.) Choose the date and time slot you want to book and click the book now button to check availability. If there is availability follow the instructions to complete the booking. If you wish to book multiple dates or multiple classes on the same date please check the availability first for each selection and then add to basket. Maximum of two classes per time slot. You will need to complete the form we will send in the important documents email to complete your order.

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Discover the incredible Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibition, investigate real ancient Egyptian artefacts and meet our Curator of Egypt and Sudan. With lots of opportunities to ask questions and discuss some really big ideas – comparing ancient and modern, local and global and personal and cultural ideas about representation in life and death – this is a great way to consolidate learning about ancient civilisations.

You will be sent a pre-visit resource that will set the scene for your visit: introducing your class to 4 key skills that they will be using when they visit.

On the day your class will follow a packed timetable of activities. Each class will be allocated a member of the Visitor Team who will act as your chaperone for the day: helping you to get to the right place at the right time. As well as time for lunch and some free time, your class will:

  • Visit the Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibition and, after an introduction to the exhibition from Dr Campbell Price, search for objects that you think are important for understanding how ancient Egyptians were remembered and represented in life and death.
  • Spend time in the Egypt & Sudan Gallery where you will look for some of the different animals that feature in ancient Egyptian artefacts, and visit the Living Worlds Gallery to explore animal symbols and where pupils will create a motif using animals to represent themselves.
  • Connect different times and places as you visit the museum’s new Belonging, South Asia and Chinese Cultures galleries to look for examples of how people use objects and stories to represent themselves and their memories today.
  • Investigate real ancient Egyptian artefacts and use observations and understanding of ancient Egypt, to think about they tell us about life in the past.
  • At the end of the day your group will gather in the Fossils gallery where you will meet Dr Campbell Price for a Q&A session: a chance to find out more about how the ancient Egyptians were represented and hoped to be remembered, how we know what we think we know when it was so long ago, and more!

For any problems or queries regarding payments or bookings, please contact

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